Christian Poetry

Christian poetry is any poetry that contains Christian teachings, references, or themes. Christians have used poetic forms since the recorded history of the faith begins. The earliest appear in the New Testament.

Christian poetry finds wonderful expression in many of the books of the Bible.

With poetry you can play with words just like you would with color, line, texture and design.

Read how Christian Artist Sara Joseph combines poetry with art at Christian-Artist-Resource


Poetry books by Christina R Jussaume

“My Walk with Jesus” This collection of poems expresses my faith. With God in my life I handled all things put before me.

“Amazing Pets and Animals” This collection of poetry was inspired by all the loving pets I have had and still have.

“Spiritual Living Waters” Here you will find poetic words of love and wisdom portrayed in various ways to give comfort and peace.

“Joseph’s Star of Eternal Promise” This collection is of God and nature with some humor to bring a laugh to you. A book to be inspired by, taught by, or to greatly enhance any poetry book collection...

“To God Give the Glory” This collection has been written to glorify and give praise to God. I thank God for the gift he has given me

“Spiritual Enlightenment" Within the pages of this book I believe you will find poetry that will lovingly move you. more

Psalm 118:17 “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”


Living Poems

by Yankee Doodle

El Salvador

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Living Poems is guaranteed to bring enlightenment to your life. more


Anointed Voice of God Within Collection of Poems

by Celes Mickle


Publisher: Feed A Read

My book is a collection of Christian Inspirational Poems. All of my poems are inspired by The Lord Jesus Christ. website


Ninety Miles

by Jeffrey Lynn Hines


Publisher: Publish America

Ninety Miles: A book of poetry is a collection of poems Much like the words to your favorite song or that special greeting card you received, “Ninety Miles” will reach out to you for so many good reasons. You will find poetry that is fresh, heartfelt and sensitive to Gods’ leading without being driven by all that Poetic mumbo jumbo you learned in school. Hines writes “It was on that dark night/On the back roads of life/It was you and I and God/The World adrift…….” Other poems include When God Touches The Heart, Carry Me, Sweet Jesus, I Have Walked with you, Lift up, Lifes Hard Traveler and more. Email


A Peace in the Spirit

by Calvin W. Allison

Publisher: Authorhouse

Calvin W. Allison, the author of "Joan" and "A Sunset Rising," will have his new book, "A Peace in the Spirit," available by September 2012.

E-mail Address:


Victorious Verses

by Danielle Duckery


Publisher: Danielle Johnson-Duckery

Victorious Verses is an inspiring collection of poems that seeks to engage it's reader in the moment leading them on a spiritual journey where they experience hope, encouragement, and inspiration through the eyes of the Author Danielle Duckery. Each poem in itself travels in its own personal journey retailing the obstacles and challenges that Danielle has faced . By the book's end you will see how Danielle's faith in God has helped her to overcome setbacks and discouragements turning them into victory and triumph. website


From the Heart of A Servant

by C R Lord


Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

The sub-title says it all - Poetry Created to Glorify God. From the President of Tate Publishing - "C. R. Lord is not just and author---he's a true poet with a special gift. His poetry will stir your emotions and strengthen you as you bask in the sun of God's glory." website



by Ayo-Maurieni


Publisher: i-proclaim.

The book is a collection of fantastic inspirational poems, it is not only christian but it cuts along all works of life. website


Poetry to Glorify the Father

by J. L. Price


Publisher: Tate

This is a moving book of Bible based poetry that gives glory to God in a way that everyone can relate to. website

They Call Me Faith

by Tanya Merced



"They Call Me Faith" is a Poetry Devotional Book created to encourage and inspire those who have lost hope to hold onto the promises of the Lord.


The Door To My Soul

by Donald Ray Patton


A collection of my original poetry written while seeking answers as to the onset of post-polio syndrome. website.


Stand Again, Oh Weary Soul

by T.S. Wilkins


Publisher: PublishAmerica

There is a lot of suffering in life that can bring a person to the end of their rope. Life can often become harder at the end of the rope, but this book offers a caring helping hand. It is the caring hand of love, inspiration, and peace. It is a poet's personal testimony of struggles and the will to overcome the hardest trials in life. website.



Author: Nancy Moloto

South Africa

Publisher: Xlibris

This book contains inspirational poems exalting the name of the Lord of lords. Poems derived from my songs which I have been writting for over 9 years of my salvation. They are meant to glorify the goodness and mercy of God upon His children.

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