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The Coalition of Independent Authors proudly sponsors Christian Books for the Family.

As Christian authors we write books that promote our faith and values while being entertaining, educational and enlightening.

We are pleased to offer our books to the public on a website that is Christian faith based. A website genre specific to Christian books.

As parents we believe in the importance of having a website where our children may surf for books safely. That is one reason we have joined together to offer our books on this site.

Another reason is economics. You will save because we eliminate the middle man who, of course, charges a commission. This site charges no commission. Many authors obtain copies of their books from their publishers and sell them directly to the buyer, below the list price.

So please browse our store. We have child to adult, fiction, non-fiction and inspirational books.

Our goal is to serve you, as we have been served.


John 1:17

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

"Grace is receiving what we do not deserve, Mercy is not receiving what we do deserve."


Helping Christian parents find suitable reading material.
Christian parents you children may safely surf this website for books.
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"MASKED" by Rosalie Vukovich
MASKED helps reveal what lies behind the mask, our true motives, identity, and destiny.